Thursday, July 1, 2010

FOTD..Red Lip Smitten

Hi all!
For today I really wanted to do a soft eye and a red lip look. For the eyes I used Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette. I love this palette. There are SO many looks you can accomplish with it. I have numbered the colors in the order they were used.
#1- This is just a really soft cream shade that I put all over my lid from upper lash line to my eyebrow for a base.
#2- This is a white shimmery color that I used for my brow highlight as well as the highlight for the inner corners of my eyes. I also used this color once the darker colors were on. I put it just on my lid making sure not to touch the crease where the darker colors are.
#3- This is a light brown/taupe color. I took some on my pencil brush from mac and worked the color into my crease then blended it out.
#4- This color is a dark brown/taupe color. I took a small fluffy brush and worked this color along my crease as well and blended it out. I also took this color on my pencil brush and lined my lower lash line. However I only took the color from the outer corner of my eye to the center.


Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

Mac Viva Glam Cyndi

All I did for my lips was put some lip balm on and this lipstick. This is the only red lipstick I find that looks good on me. I love it so much that its the only lipstick I have a double for!!

Cover Girl's Lash blast Lengthening Mascara (Black)

I do not wear fake lashes I have very long lashes and find no need to wear fake ones. I really like this mascara. At first I didn't really, but I find I am like that with all mascaras. For some reason they go on weird when I first get them but after a week or so the texture of the product seems to change and I love it. This goes for all mascaras with me. For now this is my absolute favorite. It grabs every lash and lengthens it beyond belief. :D

Scary close up of my face :D hehe


  1. How do you like the lashblast length, i havent tried only because i love the orginal so much..:]
    On the lipbalm i actually have the red one which i think is summer fruit i have the lemon drop one and those two are in the spheres which lemon drop has to be my FAVORITE!!! and the sweet mint one in the tube, which i also love. I love them all!!!!


  2. i hi ....
    I love your blog ... and you have beautiful eyes ....
    I am the follower still number 21 ....
    I love the blush and lipstick, gold precious ...
    a big kiss ...
    I invite you to my blog ... hope will encourage you to follow ... xox0

  3. @kaitlyn
    I know i am an EOS lip balm ADDICT hahah.
    I actually am loving this mascara it truly does what it claims to do. There is absolutely no flaking and lengthens soooo much!!

  4. @SandraHa
    Thanks sooo much!! your are to sweet.
    I have followed your blog looks amazing!!

  5. reallyy pretty! that palette looks nice too =)

  6. Wow you look so fierce with the make-up, lovely :D

  7. Wow, you really do have long and beautiful lashes!

  8. thanks so much julianne!!
    lots of love to all my followers!!