Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mini Sigma Makeup Haul

Hi all,
So I wanted to add more brushes to my collection and I have seen numerous people have the sigma set, they have a black and pink one. Of course me being a girly girl wanted the pink haha. With the brush set I also got their smokey eyes quad.


I definitely love these brushes, they truly are a great addition to my collection and best of all they are PINK! haha, Included is a large powder brush, A stippling brush, angled brush, foundation brush,concealer brush, blending brush, two eyeliner brushes, flat brush, shadow brush, and a pencil brush, I don't know all the specific names for them yet. haha bear with me. Not only are there a wide variety of brushes but, they also come in this great soft almost like a faux sued or leather case or something. This was a great buy.

Smokey Eyes Quad

I bought this quad in hopes to achieve that perfect sexy smokey eye look, Just as the pictures show on their site. When I got this item the eye shadows come in their own little compacts then you just pop them out and put them into the quad compact given. I personally find this a bit of a waste cause I know for a fact that I will never use those little compacts again which is a shame cause they are so darn cute. Getting to the eye shadows, I love the color of these shadows, but personally they are way to sparkly for my liking. Out of the four the "Paint It Black" is definitely my favorite. However this quad would really work if you were going out to a club or something but other than that just way to sparkly. Another thing about it that I didn't really like was the smell of the shadows. It is a really overwhelmingly powerful flowery smell. Maybe some like that, but I really don't. Overall I somewhat like the quad and intend on using it up, but I will not be making a re-purchase.

-Good for nightclub look.
-To sparkly
-Smell is way to flowery
-Need to apply a lot for color to show good.



  1. looks like a great kit,i have heard they make fab brushes,how much did this set,set u back?

  2. Thanks for following. I'm following you too, great blog :)

  3. @thhjasmine I got the brush set for 89$ US and the shadow quad was 27$US, thanks so much for looking
    lots of love :D