Monday, July 12, 2010

Avon Nailwear Pro Nailpolish

Hi all,

I recently was browsing through the Avon brochures and came across these gorgeous nail polish colors. I was really excited to get them because they looked so pretty in the brochure pictures. I received them and immediately put the pink color on. I was surprised that when I put it on the texture was really not at all that great. With each stroke it goes on thick and very goopy/sticky.

If you put to little of the paint on your brush it just doesn't glide over your nail at all and pretty much sticks in place. There really isn't a happy medium. I find that I can do my left hand really well, excluding the difficulties with the goopyness, but thats just because my right hand is my dominant hand so I can be very precise with every stroke. If your like me though this nail polish is hopeless for doing your right hand then its just way to finicky to make it look at all good.

However with saying all this I really do love the after look of the color on my nails. You can see within the pictures it really is a gorgeous color, I will have to take pictures of the other polish I got, which is a gorgeous green color called Jade. If any of you are in fact interested in purchasing these nail polishes or others that they provide just click HERE

The cost of these nail polishes are $2.95 CAD each in brochure #16
(Free shipping on all orders if you drop my name!)

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(All pictures were taken without a flash.)



  1. ugh i got this exact same colour from Barry M, but it was the same gloopy texture and you could see the brush strokes. yours turned out really well in the end though! I love that colour, so i reckon i might purchase :)

  2. really pretty colour! very cute!!