Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Nail Flower Attempt

Hi all,
So the other day I was just looking around at tutorials on youtube and I came across this girl who does amazing designs on her nails! So i thought i would start out small and try to do a couple of the flowers she does. So after lots of work this is as close to her flowers i could get.... I hope with practice I will get better :D However with that being said I love these flowers on bare nails or clear nail polish, They are just TOO GIRLY :D




I love this product. I used this for a base before drawing the flowers. Then after they were drawn i used it as a top coat to seel in the design. This stuff really makes your nails stiff and strong.


I used this color to create the flower peddles. I took the nail brush and just made four little dots. I then took a toothpick and dragged it through the center of each peddle and dragged it towards the center of the four peddles. This gives the four dots the look of a flower peddles. I then took a white nail polish and dabbed a dot of it in the middle.

Well this concludes my attempt to make cute little flower designs :D

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