Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi all,


So it was my birthday on July 13th!! I am now officially 20 haha.
So heres the thing, I didn't take any pictures except of the flowers my boyfriend had gotten me. I am also posting the pictures of my birthday gift from him!!

My Beautiful Flowers.

The Unreal Gift!

So he sends me an email saying heres part of your gift, And to my absolute surprise its FOUR DAYS at the FAIRMONT in BANFF CANADA!! So right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. (mind you this is only about a 8 -9 hour drive from where I live). But can you believe it, it looks like a freaking castle, sooo fancy. You know what this means ladies, shopping time, got to find fancy shoes and clothes...sooo excited. He had also got me a bunch of makeup which I will be doing a review on soon. I have to say I have the most AMAZING boyfriend in the world!


So I have recently been thinking that I really want to start making jewelry and see where it goes. So I had some beaded pearls and decided to make a bracelet out of them. So here is my first ever bracelet I made, Let me know what you guys think!



  1. happy belated birthday! awww,what a sweet bf you have! good job with the bracelet,i would totally rock it! :-}

  2. ohmygod, that place looks amazing! i would love to go to canada, i hope you have an amazing time! also, the jewellery is cute, keep it up!

  3. You Have Won An Award :-}

  4. Love the bracelets! Super Pretty!!!

    I gave you an award on my blog!