Monday, November 22, 2010

HELP! Which one you guys? Louis vuitton SPEEDY OR NEVEFULL

Hello my beauties I know it has been months since I have done a blog post and I hope my amazing followers have not forgotten about me! haha. Well I am trying very hard to get back to blogging but have been super busy!! no more excuses though!

Okay so here is what I am faced with at the moment and need your guys help.
I am getting a Louis Vuitton purse and cannot decide on which one to get. I currently have the speedy 35 bought and held at the store for it was the last one but may exchange it for the neverfull GM.
let me know which one you guys like or prefer. The only thing that is making me unsure of the speedy 35 is that its a top handle and I am worried I will get annoyed with holding my arm up to keep it up.



Well again let me know!!
lots of love and good to be back