Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi all,
I know it has been awhile since I have done a blog post but this month has been insane. First it was my birthday and then we are moving in a week and to top it off we were gone for four days to Edmonton Alberta which is 5 Hours from where I live. So its been super crazy.
So anywho, before we left for Edmonton I had found out that E.L.F cosmetics was doing a internet wide sale of 60% of all items. No I had never gotten any sort of elf cosmetics before so I thought what the heck i'll give em a try. I think I went a little over board with the amount of stuff I got haha, but am so happy that I did now! Now I havn't had time to actually try any of the products I have gotten yet so in a couple weeks when I am all moved in and settled down in my new place I will be doing a review on every item. Sorry the pictures arn't the best quality, I didn't use my usual camera.






Yes I know I got an inane amount of them. I don't really have any nail polishes, I was never really into painting my nails, but the last few months I have been loving it so I though they are only 1$ why not go a little crazy haha. This is the only products of theirs I have tried yet and you know what I am loving them. I put a color on three days ago and it has not chipped off yet! To me thats pretty amazing for such a low coast nail polish.

Well my lovelies that is all for now. I will be doing a lot more post soon. Apologies again for the delay in posts!


  1. wow!! look at all that!now thats a haul chica! good going,lol <3

  2. Great haul!!! And WOW on the nail polishes - glad you're liking them :)

  3. whoah!!!! You really went to town on the nail polish!! haha!!! what a haul! sooo jealous!!